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Wearing a uniform is a badge of pride, creates an identity for a school and is an important part of being a school student. A school uniform teaches students to dress smartly and take pride in their appearance.

Under Section 360 of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006, a school Principal may develop a Dress Code for the school's students in consultation with the parents, students and staff at the school. This document articulates the acceptable dress standard for students of Geebung State School which has been developed through consultation between the Parents & Citizens Association, the School Administration and the wider community.

The Geebung State School community actively supports the implementation of a school uniform for students. Children are encouraged to wear the school uniform each day and students are especially re-quested to be in the appropriate uniform at formal occasions (Assembly, Anzac Day Ceremony, School photo's) and when participating in special events or activities (sport, band/choir performances or excursions).

Our uniform is a green, black and white check shirt or dress, bottle green and white polo shirt with embroidered school badge, black shorts/skirt/pants/skort, bucket hat with embroidered school badge, white or black socks, black enclosed shoes, black or white joggers.

Geebung State School community has collaboratively developed a Student Dress Code (available on this website) that supports the wearing of a school uniform to provide safe and supportive teaching and learning environments through:

  • minimisation of individual discrimination and disadvantages
  • short term and long term cost benefits
  • fostering group identity
  • the link between dress standards, school discipline and school spirit
  • the link between dress standards and community perceptions of the school
  • community values and expectations
  • maintenance of standards
  • concerns for freedom of choice and individuality
  • importance of dress in developing self-esteem
  • desire to encourage tolerance of individuals, regardless of dress, and
  • the ease of identifying enrolled students and visitors to the school.

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The Geebung State School P&C Uniform Shop is open on Wednesday’s 8.15am - 9.15am.

The uniform shop is the sole stockist for the school’s sport polo shirt, bucket hat and polar fleece winter jacket and jumpers. It also offers a range of second hand uniforms.

Second hand items are always in stock and are priced from $2.00. Clothing, hats, bag and shoes are available.  It is a first in best dressed situation when it comes to second hand uniforms and stock changes weekly. Due to high demand, items are not able to be held but a lay-by can be arranged. Hair accessories such as scrunches’, head bands, hair clips and elastics start at $1 and are handmade in school colours (green/white/black) and girls dress fabric.

Second hand uniforms are always required to stock the uniform shop and you can either donate or sell your items.  Donating supports the P&C and selling gives you a return with the shop taking 30% commission. All donations of clothing or clothing to be sold for commission can be left at the shop, tuck-shop or office. Please ensure you mark the items as donation or for sale for commission and include your contact details.  Black wear (shorts, skirts, skorts) or school shirts/dresses that are not worth selling, are welcomed by the office for uniform emergencies during school hours.  All donations are greatly appreciated.

Swimming caps (latex/lycra/silicone) are in stock for term 1 and 4 swimming. GSS swim club swim caps are $12.

Bucket hats and swimming caps are available for purchase from the tuck-shop when the uniform shop is closed.

Lost property

Items are available for viewing on Wednesday’s on the rack near the P&C Office . Items found with student names are returned to them via the office.  Parents are urged to ensure all items of clothing, lunch containers, drink bottles and swimming bags and their contents, be named clearly so items can easily be returned to students if they become lost.

Michele Lavery Uniform Shop Convenor

Last reviewed 20 July 2022
Last updated 20 July 2022