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Year 2 "sizzling starts"


​Year 2 students have been practising Sizzling Starts in their writing.


I walked past the creaking abandoned house. I see shadows in the windows, dogs are howling at the moon. I smell burning in the distance; I knock on the door of the abandoned house. My body is shaking with fear. The door handle turns, how crazy am I to knock on the abandoned house door? ARRRGH I see a cruel, ugly witch with a torn up cloak, twigs and blood in her hair, red on her fingernails. I’m never going trick or treating again!

An excerpt from the story ‘The Abandoned House’

By Lee-Ling D        1/2  A



I left home, I feel fear and I’m hungry. I go to the mansion first. It is said to be haunted at this time of year. “Trick or Treat” I say. They open the door, lightning struck! I am afraid, they give me skull lollies. I eat one, they are scary! Then I go to the dark haunted pool, “Trick or Treat” I call. The zombie appeared and said “BRAINS”. I am TERRIFIED!

 By Kobe C 2B



It’s really dark and mystical. The moon is full like a bright egg. Tonight is Halloween and I’m going trick or treating, I am excited because I’m jumping like a kangaroo. I have a smile on my face because I can almost taste the sweetness of candy. A little bit of dribble escapes my mouth.  Then I see witches flying in the sky. They are amazing because they can fly on a broomstick.

 By Jaidee P 2B